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New Gambit Art!



Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #11


All-New X-Factor #11

Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

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Cover! All-New X-Factor #15!



AXIS tie-in!
• Washington is burning!
• Will Serval Enterprises’ X-Factor put out the fire?
• Or will they watch it burn?


Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #9



All-New X-Factor #09

Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

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Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #8: “Self has no time for this.”



All-New X-Factor #08: “Self has no time for this.

Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

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Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #3


All-New X-Factor #03. Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)


The second page of this comic is kinda neat, isn’t it? They’re really going all out with this “Serval Industries proudly presents” thing. And then they talk about the writer in the same text block where they recap last issue. It’s kind of a bizarre amalgamation of real-world/comic-world topics, and I kinda dig it. They’ve still got the three blank faces on there (below the “SEARCH” bar, which is a weird thing to have on a page of a comicbook….), but I get the feeling we’re about to fill one of the faces in! (Hint: It’s Danger!)

We start this issue with the four pages from last week’s previewQuicksilver is an Avengers spy (vis-à-vis Havok), as revealed over a game of pool where the former pwns the latter. Quicksilver reveals that Gambit suspects him, but then, “Remy suspects everybody. He’s a thief. It’s his nature.”

Mr. Snow is reviewing some video footage he creepily got from Polaris‘s “cybernetic nanobot”, which he installed next to her right eye while she was sleeping (ew). He then reveals that Serval has been hacked.

We then go to Gambit’s corporate apartment, where he’s teasing OliverLucifer, and Figaro (the cats from the cover) with a laser pointer.


So, um, yeah, that just happened.

Oliver the cat scratches at Lorna, who almost loses it and kills the cat by strangling it with its own collar.


Oh, well. Maybe next time….

Mr. Snow gets this 2/3 of his corporate X-Factor and takes them down to his server room, where Gambit tells him he’d like them to bring him “a cheeseburger with everything”. Oh, Gambit, you’re hilarious!

Dr. Wexler chastises the 2/3 of X-Factor for having codenames and not being normal, then tells them he was hacked but shouldn’t have been. (Hint: It was Danger!) He tracks the hack to an island that should be in the Mediterranean… except it’s not.


Yes! Turns out, he didn’t forget about Gambit being the King of Thieves, after all! Thank you, Peter David!

Gambit, Polaris, and Quicksilver then run down the hallway to the hanger like some really excited little kids, for some reason. Gambit lets Quicksilver know he’s on to him, but Quicksilver tries to play it off.


The team goes through some witty banter about their new Raptor having the same name as another plane and also a car, proving that Peter David has WIkipedia. They also talk about a pilot who we don’t meet, but note that he used to fly Air Force One (“I loved that movie.”)

Next, we see Dr. Snow taunting Dr. Hoffman before offering him a job. This is awesome: not only does this issue remember Gambit’s last solo series, but it also remembers what happened last issue! Kudos to you, Peter David.

Back to the team.


In their “Raptor” jet, Gambit informs the half-siblings that the island is his island, and that Nil the Technomancer, with his “magic ability over computers and such”, likely hacked into Dr. Wexler’s servers. But he’s not sure how Serval figured out it was him. (Hint: It wasn’t him, it was Danger!)

We then get the quote from the cover, “Let me go first, Lorna. I’m their freaking king”. Jean Luc Lebeau greets Lorna Dane and Pietro Maximoff before showing Gambit to Nil’s hot tub party.

Nil gets dressed, then takes X-Factor to his secret lair by sticking his hands in a couple of lions’ mouths.


You’ll never guess who helped Nil manipulate his way through Serval’s considerable means of defense!


Was this supposed to be a big surprise or something? If so, thanks a lot, CBR, for ruining it for us months ago!

Gambit then freaks out and tells Nil to let her go right now!


But he doesn’t, so Polaris does. Which… might’ve been a mistake.


Ooooh, cliffhanger!

Next time: Polaris VS. Danger!