I’m Pretty Much Done Here

It’s been fun, but I simply don’t have the time in my life to keep this thing going.

Also, the Gambit of today is not the Gambit from the 90s who I was happy to call my favorite superhero. He’s kind of… not really appealing to a straight man like me anymore. It seems like Marvel is aware of his huge predominantly female and gay fanbases and is pandering to them.

To keep up with Gambit in the comics, I’d recommend following the All-New X-Factor Appreciation thread on CBR.

Maybe I’ll come back to this page one day if Gambit ever gets interesting again. Maybe he’ll completely change as a character if he ever gets a solo movie, or if he comes back in the comics to a main X-Men team. Until then, I’m pretty much done here.




2 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Much Done Here

  1. Le Diable Blanc (@getMetal)

    Hey Coby,

    personally I agree with you on everything you state in this potentially last post over here.

    1.) The ANXF Gambit is far from the “Ragin’ Cajun” we have come to love in the past. Still waiting for an author who might truely make him a “Diable Blanc”, as there is so much potential behind this alias that has never been unearthed since the introduction of the character …
    2.) The movie might be the only hope to get Gambit back on track for years to come, but I am pretty afraid that the movie will suffer the same fate as the all the stand alone series on Gambit so far.
    3.) Having a life, a job, maybe even children and a blog is something only superbeings can manage. Just shut down my personal music blog on heavy metal releases a couple of weeks ago, due to the same problem.

    So I perfeclty understand your decission, but am going to miss this blog heavily as it was the number one spot to start my lunch breaks over here in the office. 😉

    I wish you all the best and thanks for the Gambit coverage you have provided over here in the last months – I truely enjoyed it a lot!




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