Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #10


All-New X-Factor #10

Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

Last Time, on All-New X-Factor:



This Time, on All-New X-Factor:

The first page assures us that PolarisCypherQuicksilver, and Dakota Bennet (Georgia Dakei‘s mom) are all OK after getting blown up by Georgia’s Super Villain Dad, Memento Mori (“It’s Latin. It means, ‘Remember that you will die'”) last issue.

Back at Serval Industries, Polaris calls in a SITREP to Harrison Snow (he knows what Memento Mori means). Harrison is really worried about Georgia. Meanwhile, Gambit is lurking in the shadows, presumably wishing he had Nightcrawler’s power to turn invisible there so he won’t have to awkwardly confront his boss about sleeping with his wife.


Cut to Georgia, eating a table full of dessert at her dad’s place.


 (She’s fine, Harrison, don’t worry!)

Turns out Memento Mori, while a Super Villian, doesn’t exactly run his evil operations out of a secret lair hidden inside a volcano.


Didn’t they already do this gag with Techno, Inc?

Memento starts out explaining to his daughter how he’s super rich, owning and operating the 5-star Mori Hotel inside a mall, where no Super Hero can get him for fear of civilian casualties. While he’s talking, Memento is slowly losing his suave suit (complete with British puff tie) and changing into his Super Villain outfit.

Memento changing clothes before our very eyes!

Is it just me, or does it look like Memento’s Super Villain costume is a children’s Halloween costume with Kraven the Hunter’s cape thrown over his shoulders?


Creepy new Super Villain Costumed Memento then tells Georgia how her mother ran off and gave Georgia up after she learned about Memento being a Super Villain. Memento tells Georgia she’s going to use her powers for him now. She refuses and dehydrates his hand, causing him to FWZAAAM her away.

Back at Serval Industries. Harrison finds Gambit, who’s been ducking him. Gambit thinks Harrison’s come to talk about the infidelity. Gambit’s face is priceless.

GambitsFaceInstead, Harrison takes Gambit to the teleporter room (guess they do have a matter transporter after all), where Warlock and Danger are waiting. This half of the team teleports to meet the other half at the Mori Mall.

All-New X-Factor reunited at last!

And now it’s time for Quicksilver to change into his uniform.


Because Gambit was nakey last issue, now it’s Quicksilver’s turn!


Back at the Mori Hotel, Georgia is being chased by her dad’s goons on Segways, and the panels go all crazy and it is awesome. Some of Carmine di Giandomenico‘s best work right here.


Georgia steals a Segway, but crashes into a fountain. And then Gambit shows up to the rescue! He makes another funny face when Doug knocks out a goon.


The goons get the drop on Gambit, Cypher, and Georgia. Luckily, Cypher calls in his pall “Lock”, who turns into a badass motorcycle around him and the girl. We are treated to some more awesome panels.


Cut back to Serval Industries with a nice establishing shot. Harrison is coordinating the matter transporter’s coordinates to get the team back when Linda Kwan interrupts him and totally rats out Gambit, telling Mr. Snow she found him in bed with his wife this morning.

Back at the mall, the Lock-Cycle is playing Tron with the goons, whose Segways can now fly.


Warlock breaks out of the mall, dumping Cypher and Georgia. The cops are there, but Polaris and Danger take care of them.

Outside the mall, the All-New X-Factor team gathers together to talk Star Trek:

Gambit: You get too worried about these things. It’s just like “Star Trek.”

Cypher: They had transporter accidents all the time.

Gambit: No, they didn’t.

Cypher: They did in the first movie.

Gambit: First movie didn’t count. The whole thing sucked.

Cypher: Not in retrospect. If you–

Memento Mori to attacks.

Gambit dillydallies for just a second too long, missing the teleporter beam. He makes another face.


And then Memento Mori kills him.



But is he really dead? Peter David has faked us out before, ending an issue with what appears to be somebody’s death. We’ll have to find out Next Time, on All-New X-Factor!



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