Axel-In-Charge: “Original Sin” at Halftime, Back to the “Guardians” Future

From CBR:

Diving into questions from the CBR Community, CityofAngels has a question about one of the most perennially popular mutants: “I’m really enjoying the trouble Gambit is getting himself into in “All New X-Factor.” But are their any plans for the character outside that book? It seems like he’s been on the outside of the X-Men for a while now.”

Alonso: We’ve got plenty of trouble planned for Gambit in “X-Factor” right now — like sleeping with the wife of corporate head that founded his team — but nothing just now for him outside of that book. I’m sure he’ll pop up like a bad penny just when it will upset things most.

I asked a different version of this question a while back in the old CBR Q&A Thread that wasn’t addressed. It must’ve come up a few different times for them to finally ask it! Good on ’em. Too bad, tho. I guess my “Gambit Was There” series of posts won’t be getting much traction….


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