Channing Tatum ‘Gambit’ Costume Revealed? ’22 JumpStreet’ Star Wants To Be Involved In Planning Stages But Does He Deserve The Role?

From KPopStarz:

By Knox Stradler | June 16, 2014 05:28 AM EDT

Channing Tatum is a Hollywood A-lister and what A-listers want, they usually get it. After expressing desire to take the role of the X-Men’s Gambit, Tatum has been given the greenlight and he already has ‘suggestions.’
Much of the development is still being ‘figured out’ but the key element here is the actor being very vocal of how he is involved in the planning stage.

From Screenrant’s interview with Tatum and co-star Jonah Hill of “22 Jumpstreet”:
“I would do anything to be in those movies. I mean, I love the Marvel world and what they’ve created as a real brand and they’ve sort of changed the face of the industry. I would be in anything they put up, especially Gambit.”
The discussion shifts towards the costume:
“‘He’s kind of really known for having this headpiece that you gotta figure out,’ says Tatum when asked about the costume he might eventually sport, building off of Jonah Hill’s mention of the leather jacket. Tatum warns that you can’t just introduce him in his full costume from the books as that wouldn’t quite make sense. ‘It’s gonna be a slow figuring out of the design.'”
He elaborates: “You kind of have to slowly massage it into a world you believe and that is honest to what the actual property and what the history of the character was… People know and love this character so you have to be honest to what it was in the comics, and you also have to give them something they believe and that they’re not expecting. And so, it’s a really delicate line to walk on and we’re just going to take our time and figure it out.”
Most fanboys of the comic do not see Channing Tatum as a good fit for Gambit. But the marketing aspect has Fox ripe with anticipation. Tatum has proven box office presence. Now, just like the hero he wants to portray, the cards are in his hands.


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