Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #9



All-New X-Factor #09

Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)




We start out with a perv security guard getting busted for peeping on a lady.


He moves the camera outside this lady’s house and notices the All-New X-Factor (specifically, Quicksilver‘s silver hair) and Georgia Dakei. Something sets the two security guards off and they contact their boss.

Fourteen hours earlier… On a plane. Harrison Snow is fussing at Polaris for taking the team on an unauthorized outing to New Mexico in issue #07. Polaris almost gets Harrison to admit how he knew what was going on, how he got there so fast, and what he said to Scott Dakei, but Harrison wants to keep his secrets.

In another part of the plane, Georgia tells off Cypher in an incredibly harsh manner, considering she almost just killed him. Danger chastises Georgia for this, but Georgia tells off Danger too and mopes out the plane window some more with her tattoo teardrop.

Meanwhile, Gambit is sitting by himself, drinking a Serval beverage and wondering why there are no pictures on his trademarked kinetically-chargeable playing cards (maybe he’s switched to cutting up card-shaped pieces of blank cardboard, in order to save money?).


He’s thinking maybe he should keep Georgia with him on the All-New X-Factor. Just when he’s getting some really good inner-monologing going, Georgia interrupts the Ragin’ Cajun with a big ol’ bear hug, right in front of everybody.


Dude, she’s too young for you!

Cypher, presumably disgusted at the thoughts that have to be buzzing through Remy’s head at this point, SMACKs Gambit on the shoulder and calls him a “shmuck”.

Gambit, obviously distraught over his inappropriate feelings for the 15-year-old Georgia, does what any self-respecting Pick Up Artist would do…. He goes to the bar to hit on chicks. He drops that classic line from the cover, and it totally works!


Good job, Gambit! Way to earn your title! Funny thing is, his “irresistible hypnotic charm” actually is listed as one of his superpowers…. Oh, Gambit, how we love your doucheyness….


As the rest of the team brings Georgia into Serval Industries, she is greeted by Doctor Anton Wexler (who I think we met back in issue 1). Dr. Wexler doesn’t let Georgia introduce herself. Instead, he grabs her hand, slams it on a machine, and takes her DNA. Georgia’s DNA reveals Tammy and Scott Dakei adopted her the day she was born and her genetic mother, Dakota Bennett, is in Minneapolis.

Quicksilver offers to take Georgia to meet Dakota. Polaris says no, then Quicksilver reminds Polaris her mother died when she was a child and their father, “well… the less said, the better”.

Polaris asks Harrison Snow if they can borrow the plane. He says yes. Georgia’s happy. Cypher elbows Quicksilver and calls him a “shmuck” (think he’s still upset at having been desiccated?).


Then this happens:


If I can quote Quicksilver from a few pages back: “the less said, the better”.

Double Bluetoothed Linda Kwan busts in on Gambit (you shoulda known better!) to remind him about the “9:30 planning meeting”. She tells him that he just banged the boss’s wife. His face is priceless.




Back to where we started, with All-New X-Factor and Georgia meeting her birth mother. She’s super happy to be reunited with her long lost daughter.

Georgia’s father? Not so much.



So he’s the “boss” the pervy security guard was contacting in the beginning. His “fighting name” is Memento Mori. He lets us know we haven’t heard of him because he’s kept it that way. But in the future…





Next Time, on All-New X-Factor #10:



• X-Factor brings big trouble to Serval Industries…heavily-armed trouble.
• Gambit’s indiscretion is found out.
• Nobody is happy.


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