Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #8: “Self has no time for this.”



All-New X-Factor #08: “Self has no time for this.

Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)


The Recap Page tells us how X-Factor came to the “rescue” of Georgia Dakei last issue, and then she desiccated (word of the day!) Doug.

PAD is still getting away with that thing he does where he has the last paragraph talk about his real life… it’s still really weird.




We pick up where we left off, with Gambit‘s Shadow inner-monologuing about Cypher being desiccated.

Danger asks Georgia just what kind of pie she’s offering.

Polaris and Warlock get really mad at Georgia, who’s still not sure why everyone’s so mad.

Scott Dakei busts in, backed up by his goons, and points a gun at Polaris.

Polaris Guns

She rips off her dad’s move from the first X-Men movie, and then drags Mr. Dakei into the room with All-New X-FactorPolaris confronts Scott about him being anti-mutant while his daughter’s a mutant.

Georgia doesn’t know she’s a mutant, because her dad’s kept her very isolated since her powers manifested. (She thinks everybody’s got powers and the other people in her house were the exception.)

The cops show up and Warlock turns into that ball from the cover and says that thing from the cover so they can all get to the kitchen and Georgia can un-desiccate Cypher.


Scott follows the team into the kitchen, where Danger has turned herself into a fountain and Warlock has turned himself into a bowel so Georgia can super-hydrate herself so she can re-hydrate Cypher.


Scott figures his daughter being a mutant is God punishing him. Gambit doesn’t take too kindly to this.

More Gambit purple thought boxes while Quicksilver takes Scott into the other room. Scott’s bodyguard informs Quicksilver he’s got tracer bullets that will lock onto him no matter how far or fast he runs away and they’ll never stop. Ever. (They were awfully prepared, weren’t they?)

Harrison Snow shows up (I’m guessing he was following what was going on from Polaris’s eye-cam that he had installed back in issue 3). Apparently he and Scott Dakei have a history. Harrison tells Scott that Harrison’s wife is lovely. (Peter David doesn’t want us to forget the wife sub-plot.) Quicksilver and Scott’s bodyguard are confused.

Georgia GLUGGLUG‘s some water and brings Cypher back using some really bright lights. Warlock is really into being her bowl.

Georgia GlugGlug

Georgia briefly faints after bringing Cypher back. Gambit’s really concerned for her.


A sniper tries to take out Gambit; luckily, Polaris is there to stop the bullet. She pulls her dad’s turn-the-guns-around move again.

Cypher offers Georgia a spot on the X-Men. She asks why she’d need to learn to use her powers. Danger tells her, “To fight evil mutants. And risk your life and possibly die. Sometimes repeatedly.” Georgia doesn’t want to die, so she runs off to find her daddy. He’s in a meeting, but she’s not going to let a shut door stop her.


Scott introduces his daughter to Harrison, then tells her to go with him, because she’s not his daughter anymore. She bitch-smacks him and runs off. He cries.



Next Time, on All-New X-Factor #9:





2 thoughts on “Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #8: “Self has no time for this.”

  1. Caoimhe Snow

    “…and Warlock has turned himself into a bowel…”

    I know this review is from years ago but I think you misspelled a word there …


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