All-New X-Factor Covers

I asked Jared Fletcher (who does the All-New X-Factor covers with Kris Anka) just what in the world those five little white symbols on their covers meant, as I said I would.



And, holy cow, believe it or not, he actually answered me!




Kris Anka chimed in, too!



What a wonderful world we live in! A world where you can have a question about some obscure little mark on a comicbook cover, reach out to the artist(s), and have an answer the next day! Thanks, guys!






One thought on “All-New X-Factor Covers

  1. Ry-Guy

    You mean you couldn’t tell that that was Anka’s signature? :-b I thought that was obvious from the first one I saw of his, even before ANXF. Still cool that they both answered.


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