Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #7: “Could You Sign This?!”

All-New X-Factor 07 cover

All-New X-Factor #07: “Could You Sign This?!. Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

The five little white symbols there on the cover are halfway covered up by the black All-New Marvel NOW! bar. Still not sure what those are all about, but I asked Jared Fletcher–maybe he’ll fill us in!

All-New X-Factor 7 recap page

Here’s the first issue where all six All-New X-Factor members’ photos are filled in! But will it be the last???

Also, good for Caroline Helen David?



We start of issue #7 with Georgia Dakei‘s vlog. Georgia is the daughter of ultra-conservative, anti-mutant author of War & Pieces, Scott Dakei(As far as I can tell, this is Scott Dakei’s first appearance in the Marvel Universe.) Georgia’s daddy doesn’t like her doing a vlog, so he gets a goon to BLAAM her computer.


Cut to Serval Industries, where Double-Bluetoothed Linda Kwan tells Serval Industries C.E.O. Harrison Snow that his wife knows Linda’s sleeping with him. He doesn’t take her seriously.

Lorna Dane walks in and Harrison recaps the last issue for us.


Also, it appears Carmine di Giandomenico didn’t feel like drawing backgrounds this issue, so Lee Loughridge just uses PowerPoint’s Gradient Fill for a bunch of panels.


Another hard cut, this time to the All-New X-Factor lounge, where Danger is being scolded by Quicksilver for reading Scott Dakei’s book.



Doug then shows Pietro the video of Georgia’s computer being BLAAMed, while dealing with a terrible case of misplaced silhouetting on their faces.


DaddyIssuesIt seems like Doug is having fun poking at Pietro’s troubled past. Last issue we got “no more mutants”, this time we get him subtly reminding Pietro that infamous mutant terrorist Magneto is his father.

The rest of the team joins the conversation, which has turned to a debate about whether to rescue Georgia from her oppressive father.



Gambit is there with his cats on his shoulders… so creepy! I can’t wait until some villain squashes those cats.

WarlockFlowersAlso, Warlock makes robot flowers for Danger, who is completely ignoring him.



A lot more talking, a lot more improperly silhouetted faces, and a lot more panels without backgrounds beyond the PowerPoint Gradient Fill.

Pietro gets a message in his ear to report to Havok, who’s playing pool again. He tells him “all’s quiet” and zooms back to the team.



The All-New X-Factor’s private airplane Raptor flies through a completely white sky that Loughridge didn’t even give us a Gradient Fill for as they debate why Gambit wants to rescue Georgia so bad.

The team arrives at Georgia’s dad’s house, walks right up and rings the doorbell. They are warned they have five seconds to leave or they “will be dealt with harshly”.

They don’t leave.



And are dealt with harshly.


Oh no!! Is this what I was hinting at in the beginning when I asked if this would be the last time all six All-New X-Factor members had their pics filled in on the recap page?! Did they all just get mowed down by automatic machine gun fire?!?!




Nope. It was a Danger Room hard light holo-image simulation.

The team gets in when Quicksilver one-hit K.O.’s Scott Dekai and his BLAAMing thug.WarlockWut

Danger makes fun of Warlock for referring to himself as “self” instead of the personal pronoun, braking his heart with her Dangerous Silouhette.


The team finds Georgia, who’s a big fan and asks for Cypher‘s autograph (like she does on the cover). Polaris tells her they’re there to rescue her after seeing the trouble she was in on her Livestream.

Gambit drops the first “cheri” in recent memory, and then (presumably in direct response) Dekai shows up with more goons.


Cypher takes things way too far and actually tells Polaris, “[Georgia] doesn’t know what she wants!” Georgia does not like this. At all.

To express her displeasure with Doug Ramsey trying to force her away, Georgia literally sucks the life right out of him when she touches his face with a glowing hand.



Gambit, scarred to death by Georgia’s incorrectly silhouetted head, takes this opportunity to make his move on Polaris.



But, hey, at least she got his autograph! “Who wants pie?”


Next Time on All-New X-Factor 08:




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