Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #6: “Do Not Disturb Me.”



All-New X-Factor #06: “Do Not Disturb Me. Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

Is Danger murdering Cypher here? Why? (Don’t worry, we’ll find out.)

Also, what do those five little white symbols mean? (We do not find that out. I’m not seeing them on any of the previous covers, but they are on the cover for #07, too. It’s a mystery!)




Alright, this should be the last time with the “unknown“s, as we’ll pretty much add Cypher and Warlock to All-New X-Factor by the end of this issue.

Also, good for Shana David-Massett and the Sun-Ray Cinema?


When the Preview came out last week, I had no idea what in the world was going on in this first page. I read in some places on the internet that this is supposed to be Cypher having a PTSD nightmare flashback to some issue of the New Mutants when he had merged with Warlock to become Douglock and he was killing everybody… or something… I dunno, I didn’t read New Mutants… But I’m glad Peter David did. Good for him–he did his homework. If I had been following these characters before, I’m sure I’d be happy to see that this writer isn’t starting with a fresh retcon and that he is acknowledging his characters’ history.


Cypher wakes up screaming light rays out of his eyes and then contemplates suicide. I applaud PAD for going there. Suicide is a thing many people suffering from PTSD deal with, and he makes it very believable here.

Cypher mentions “no more mutants”, prompting Quicksilver to remind the audience that his sister did some bad things with that phrase. Again, PAD did his homework and is doing a great job integrating the wider Marvel continuity into his All-New X-Factor stories–good job, Peter David!

LindaKwanCut to Serval Industries, where Harrison Snow‘s wife Angela arrives and sucks face with him in front of his mistress/secretary/VP of Public Relations, Linda Kwan, who is such a good secretary she wears not one but two Bluetooth earpieces.


Back to Cypher‘s house, where Danger discovers that Cypher‘s got a piece of Warlock inside of him. He tells her she’s wrong, but we remember from last issue that Danger doesn’t like to be told she’s wrong. And so she removes it by drilling into his chest with her fingers. Turns out she wasn’t murdering him after all! That was a pretty good trick to play on us by showing that on the cover, Kris Anka and Jared Fletcher!

Cypher reads the Warlock piece and traces it back to Houston, Texas.


All-New X-Factor gets to Houston, where their “records” indicate it’s a research facility for Techno, Inc. (The Magus‘s outfit). Quicksilver checks the place out in a flash, much to Polaris‘s chagrin.



The real Techno, Inc. erupts from beneath the Houston farmhouse. The Magus pops out of it and makes fun of Polaris for being a crazy lady.


Back to Serval Industries, where Angela lets Linda know she knows she’s been sleeping with her husband, and she doesn’t really care.


Inside Techno, Inc., we learn that The Magus has a handful of technarchs but mostly a bunch of normal humans working for him, and he’s a popular, cheerful CEO. We also learn that certain topics of discussion are off-limits with him.



The Magus summons Warlock to ask him why he stuck a piece of himself inside DougfriendWarlock explains it was to “remain connected to self-friend” because Warlock was concerned about self-friend’s “possible demise by his own hand”.

Also, di Giandomenico masterfully renders Warlock with what can only be described as a sh*t-eating grin when he meets Danger. Love at first sight?



The Magus gets really mad at Warlock for wanting to leave him to be with Dougfriend.



He blows up. Then he immediately stops caring. Polaris doesn’t want to leave, she wants to fight The Magus again because she says so! But they leave anyway.


Back on the All-New Raptor plane, Gambit asks Cypher to join All-New X-Factor, who asks ‘Lock what he thinks. Warlock wasn’t paying attention because he was too busy being love-struck by DangerDanger obviously still has the hots for Gambit, as she is paying absolutely no mind to Warlock, instead pretending to read a text-less, image-less book.



Next Time on All-New X-Factor 07: “Could You Sign This?!”:


• One of the country’s most outspoken anti-mutant leaders…has a mutant daughter?
•  It’s up to X-Factor to rescue this young girl from her father!
•  Serval Industries brings you the heroes you need in any situation!









5 thoughts on “Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #6: “Do Not Disturb Me.”

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  3. Greg

    I really like the job Peter David is doing. His take on the character personalities is great and his attention to detail is appreciated.

  4. Sean Ian Mills

    Ha, I didn’t even notice the double Bluetooths! Good catch.

    And I didn’t know that dream sequence was built off something from New Mutants. Very interesting. I guess I also applaud PAD for doing his research, but for someone like me who hasn’t been reading these other series, X-Factor is being weighed down in unnecessary tie-ins to cancelled comics. Though I suppose he and Marvel expect the audience of All-New X-Factor to already be die-hard X-fans.


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