Preview! All-New X-Factor #6

Preview of All-New X-Factor #06. Written by Peter David; art by Carmine di Giandomenico; colors by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)


• Reunited—and it feels so BAD?!?

• It’s X-Factor and Cypher vs. Warlock!

Serval Industries brings you the super team you can count on!


Why is Danger murdering Cypher on the cover of this comic? 



I will never expect a normal recap sheet from this comic. I get the feeling Peter David or his editor or one of their interns or whoever does these recap sheets was inspired by the whole “let’s talk about real life things in a comic book” thing from Fraction and Zdarsky‘s Sex Criminals reprint covers….



I have no idea what’s happening here. Maybe that’s The Magus and/or Warlock laying the smack-down on the All-New X-Factor and Karma? But I can’t tell.



Don’t do it, Cypher! They need you to take one of the last two “unknown” spots on the first page!



Whew! Gambit and co. is there to save the day! (By recruiting Cypher to help them kill his old pal Warlock.)

And Quicksilver doesn’t want us to forget what his sister did….


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