Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #2


All-New X-Factor #02. Written by Peter David; art by David di Giandomenico; color by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

We open again in Dr. Hoffman‘s creepy laboratory, where we learn he’s been torturing Reaper and Abyss (although they’re never named). He’s got them set up in those glass jars, like something straight out of Dragon Ball Z’s Dr. Gero‘s lab where he made the androids.


Gambit then hilariously falls down a trap-door. Quicksilver yells at Polaris, but she can’t help because there’s no metal in it. Quicksilver then gets sucked up a giant pneumatic tube and Polaris freaks out and plays a game called “LET’S BRING THIS PLACE DOWN AROUND YOUR FREAKING EARS!“.

But she’s hit with knockout gas (sorta). She falls through the floor and wakes up in the room with Fatale.

Gambit, being the smooth operator he is, of course finds a way out of his predicament.


He blows up the wall and lands with a “CA-CHUNK”, but is greeted by four A.I.M. henchmen packing giant laser canons. Luckily, Quicksilver disarms the henchies. BUT, they have wrist-guns, which they blast Quicksilver with.


Lucky for Pietro, Gambit tosses the “garcon” his card.

Polaris saves Fatale. She tells her that Dr. Hoffman drained her energy and we see Dr. Hoffman’s assistant charging him up.

Then, the whole dynamic of the comic changes into the super-weird when Dr. Hoffman all of a sudden gets ginormous and bright yellow.


I have no idea what’s going on….

Hoffman blows up Polaris and the gang, but Quicksilver has a sneaky plan.


We get the piggyback ride from the cover! Yipee! No way did I think they would actually do this, but, yep, there it is. Quicksilver runs up the giant energy monster and Gambit quotes Luke Skywalker (!). Quicksilver proves he is a stick-in-the-mud by saying, “I have no use for fantasy films”. SERIOUSLY, Quicksilver, get a life!

Hoffman’s head hilariously explodes.


And then he shrinks back into a naked man.

Reaper starts to smash him with a rock, but Polaris shouts for him to stop and Quicksilver grabs the rock out of his hands.


BTW, how cool is the Quicksilver Effect? Instead of just motion lines, you see the light from his costume zigzagging along his path. Brilliant.

Fatale then freaks out when she realizes Polaris is working with her half-brother (for some reason I don’t know, because I haven’t been reading X-Factor up until now).

We end with a quip from Gambit poking at Quicksilver.


Next time: Gambit and…


Cats? Seriously??


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