Super Spoilers! All-New X-Factor #1


All-New X-Factor #01. Written by Peter David; art by David di Giandomenico; color by Lee Loughridge. (Sponsored by Serval Industries.)

After a creepy vague laboratory scene with two guys in lab coats taunting an unidentified patient before going to Starbucks, we get our first view of Gambit since his own series concluded last September.


Here we see him in full-on Mission Impossible/Oceans Twelve mode, navigating some pink lasers to steal some sort of winged statue. That is, until Wolverine ruins the day.


After Wolverine explains to Remy that Tony Stark designed the security system and the pink lasers were just for show–Gambit had already tripped the alarm–Logan confronts Remy about his “responsibilities to the students”. He then chastises Gambit for running the Thieves Guild; as far as I can tell, this is one of only two places Peter David pays lip service to the big reveal at the end of Gambit’s last series. Which is so unfortunate… how great would it have been to see Gambit’s adventures as King of Thieves?

We then see a room with a smoldering hole in the middle and Gambit sitting by his lonesome, taking shots. Apparently somebody said that “New Orleans had Katrina comin’ because of its ungodly beliefs”, and the Ragin’ Cajun took none too kindly to them words.


Polaris then shows up and explains she’s not crazy any more, before inviting Remy out for Starbucks (did they co-sponsor this issue with Serval Industries or something? Maybe Peter David just really likes Starbucks….)


Gambit tells Polaris about the ass-chewing he took from Wolverine and then dodges her question about whether he’s going to actually quit the Thieves Guild and stay with the X-Men. This sort of leaves it open for Gambit to return to the Thieves Guild one day, but I don’t really see that happening.

Polaris invites Gambit to Virginia (the state I’ve lived in nearly my entire life), to which he replies, “what’s in Virginia aside from colonial settlements and refugees from Washington, D.C.?” I’d be offended by that statement, if it weren’t true.


Gambit awkwardly explains to the reader that a serval is “like a cat or something” before Lorna nonchalantly blows up a missile with a snap of her fingers and then explains what Serval Industries is.


Remy and Lorna enter Serval Industries, where she introduces Gambit to the security guard, “Teddy”, as “Remy Etienne Lebeau. He’s also known as ‘Gambit’,” for all the new readers out there.

Gambit, being the kleptomaniac that he is, picks the first pocket he sees, inviting the second chastising of the issue for him.


Gambit can’t get no love!

After riding the talking elevator to the top floor, Linda Kwan announces that Polaris and Gambit are now X-Factor. Gambit tells her that Jamie Madrox owns the name, but then Serval Industries CEO and President Harrison Snow A.K.A. The Next Tony Stark walks in and pores himself a drink, informing Remy that Serval Industries bought the name from Madrox.

Harrison creepily explains what he wants X-Factor to be. Remy is understandably hesitant.


Harrison responds to Remy’s questioning if he’s evil by doing the stereotypical evil laugh (“bwwwaaahahahaa”) and explaining he went to Harvard (because no one evil ever went to Harvard…).

Quicksilver pops in and argues with his half-sister. Remy butts in and agrees that Pietro could drive a guy to drinking.


Gambit then accuses Quicksilver of spying on them for the Avengers, but, you know, “whatever”.

Harry sends his new X-Factor team to take out a rogue A.I.M. scientist, Doctor Terrance Hoffman (the guy we saw on page one).


Gambit and the team bust into the secret A.I.M. headquarters in an undisclosed location and start blasting henchmen. Remy questions Snow’s motives, but tells himself that he’s “done far worse things on far less motivation,” so he might as well see this through.

The last page shows Dr. Hoffman just about to cut into a naked Fatale before X-Factor interrupts him.

Next time:


Quicksilver gives Gambit a piggyback ride!


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